Year 2009 – The Beginning

Well well well… year 2009 was the year of beginning of many things in my life… thats why i titled the post as “year 2009 – The Beginning”. This was the year that totally changed my life in all respects in my thinking, attitude, dreams, achievements, success; 2009 changed the meaning of these words for me. As i learned more and more about the difference between practical life and the dreams life. I would say I would start the year from start

January – June :  This was the month of good things I started enjoying my job as trainings were becoming a kind of part of the job that we were doing and i love working on new softwares and learning them so it was fun and of course we were (me and my team members) waiting for the project but were not getting it. So i had a lot of spare time to watch tv and have a lot of fun…

Food was a bit of problem in chennai but since i am a non veg, so somehow i managed but there was  a limit of eating outside so guess what my roommate in chennai showed me how to make sambhar, rice, chapatis and veg dishes and i learned pretty fast. I was making my food easily now though sometimes enjoying the outside food at pizzahut and subway seemed to be good option.

Shopping was a fun part too before I learned how to cook food, maggi was the item i was eating 5 times a week. Oh and plus tonnes of cold drinks (especially coke), Wow saturdays and sundays were best times where there only three things in my  life food, movies on tv and talking on mobile. That was freaking awesome time.

Since I am a foody person Office canteen was a place where Juice vendor knew me perfectly I was taking minimum 1 and maximum 3 glass of juice on any working day at office plus later our juice vendor started a range of delicious sandwiches which later became a major part of my brunch too.

Everything was fine except that we later started to realize that somehow recession is touching our pockets too, soon there was a lot of talks of cost cutting etc, well that was ok, but later on the talks were of salary cuts and all almost 10-20 % salary cuts for every employee well thats what scared all of us and oh well I too got my salary cut too. We all were angry but we all mostly scared of losing out job.

From march to June i turned my focus on my online business and started learning how to earn money online via making websites and all and I always motivated my coworkers by asking them not to depend on the company for anything and be free.

Second half of the year (July – Dec): This was the part where the fun started In the july I was asked to resign from the company to which I gladly accepted ( I myself was going to resign in nov for my entrepreneurial venture), I would say this was the most difficult time for me as whether to go for my entrepreneurial venture which was risky or whether to take a safer side and go for the job again. Opposing literally everybody i know in my friends, family and relatives I chose to go for my entrepreneurial venture of website designing. First two months were really difficult but after that business started to grow pretty well and right now its doing preety well and Year 2010 will turn out to be more profitable and prosperous.

The second half of the year also turned helped in distinguishing between friends and acquaintances and forming further partnerships which will be helpful both in my business and life as well.

Wishing a wonderful and prosperous new year again.

– Deepak Arora

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