Why I am in love with my Note 2 mobile

I do not consider myself a gadget freak but I like to have good gadgets with me. I keep my gadget with me for a fair amount of time usually 2-4 years, so it is important for me to have a gadget which is sturdy enough to undergo my usual rough usage ( i am diligent in handling my gadget but a fall do happen once every few months) & it should have good configuration which can make it last at least 2 years in this ever changing world of technology. I have been using Note 2 as my primary phone since last 1 and half years and I think it is the best phone I have ever had. Following are the reasons why I think Note 2 is great:

why i love note 2

1. S Note: I am the kind of person who forgets things, sometimes good ideas popup and then after 2-3 hours I am like, what was that super awesome Idea that I had and its gone… puff… This is where my Note 2 comes in quite handy. Anytime I get an Idea, all i need to do is take out my S-Pen and note it down. Pretty handy believe me…

2. Good RAM & Processor: One thing which has been constantly getting in way in my previous android phones was RAM. Before I had note 2, I was using Samsungy Galaxy S Advance, a great phone for its price (Rs 12,500 from Flipkart) but limited by its RAM around 756 MB, I was not able to utilize the jellybean to its max and was very slow as compared to Note 2. With 2 GB RAM and quad core processor, it never lets me down. Though once every few months, there it hangs because some app is hogging the resources, but a simple restarts solves the problem.

3. Awesome GPS: GPS feature is available on most of the android device but how much time it takes for getting the exact location is where Note 2 helps me alot, I regularly use Google Maps for the directions and when you are on the road, a quick gps location is what you can hope for. Note 2 has always provided me with the exact GPS location within 10-30 seconds.

4. Big Screen: Note 2 is the perfect phablet, I do have a 7 inch lenovo tablet (got it for Rs 6500 on Flipkart), but I hardly use it. Most of my work can be done via 5.5 inch screen of note 2, not to mention the big screen also make  watching the videos more fun.

5. Awesome Battery and Fantastic Charger: Note 2 comes with 3100 mAh battery, which makes it survive one and a half day on my moderate usage, and when I have nothing to do other than facebook and twitter it survives one full day. But the great battery also comes with fantastic 2 AMP charger which charges this battery in less than 2 hours. For business purpose as well as fun purpose this helps ALOT!!!

6. Ebook Reader: I am not the one who reads alot of books, I am more of audio books type person. But due to its big screen, it has helped me in completing some good books on my mobile. But now I have kindle which can do this job (will share about it in some other post).

7. Heavy Games: I usually like to play light games like subway surfers or temple run but occasionally I also like to play heavy games like batman or spiderman which may end up being in GB’s and require good cpu and ram usage. Note 2 has never let me down in this area too.

8. Remote Control PC: Now this point correlates to the Big Screen, sometimes when I am not in my office and I need to do some work which can only be done on my PC, with applications such as Microsoft remote PC, team viewer or chrome remote access I have used my Note 2 for remote controlling the PC easily.

9. Multitasking & Split Windows: Now I love to copy some text from my messages and paste it in whatsapp or some other application etc. Due to its good quad core 1.6 processor and 2 gb ram, it is easily able to do these kinds of multitasking. The split window option was also great. As sometimes I am writing work emails and watching video at the same time.

10. NFC Support: Though I have not used NFC alot, I have used it for file sharing only. But I think with tasker and NFC tags sky is the limit. And in next years or so I may buy some nfc tags from ebay and make full use of this feature along with tasker.

Above are some of the reasons which suggests why I am in love with my Note 2 Phone, I think Samsung’s note series is one of the most useful series for people like me who spend long hours on PC and love a big screen phone.

My Next Phone – Samsung Note 4 or 5 maybe

Samsung Note 3 was not a great improvement over Note 2 and thus did not interested me to upgrade to a new phone. However Samsung Note 4 is great phone to buy right now. But since note 2 is currently satisfying all my mobile related needs and as I suggested I am not a gadget freak who needs new gadget as and when they come in, I will wait for 6-9 months more before I upgrade my phone.

However if you are thinking of buying a new phone, Note 4 is a phone which should not be missed, I am including the link to both flipkart and amazon for you to take a look.

P.S. if you are a note 2 owner, don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

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