Hello Everyone, This is Deepak Arora 🙂 , a straight bachelor blogging directly from the capital of India – New Delhi welcomes you to deepakarora.info. Basically Born and Raised in New Delhi. And right now just traveling between cities for work, till now have been in Ahmedabad, Banglore & Chennai.

This is not the first time that i thought i will start this site, but after a long time i finally got the time for doing so, and writing about me for the first time on any blog.

Well on the name of e-d-u-cation i have done mba from icfai university and bba as a bachelore degree. Right now working in a reputed IT firm in India. (at the time of writing this post) Will update this as things changes in the future 😉

My h-o-b-bies includes listenting to music which includes some goldies, some good indian movie’s songs, some indipop, some hollywood movies songs. bryan adams, darius, c21, backstreet boys etc. and specially some music which have different sound frequencies for mediation.

That goes for the music, but i watch a lot of movies too, believe it or not i saw 7 movies without stop once (ofcourse hollywood, you cant take bollywood crap for too long), i am planning to stop wasting my time in watching movies and utilising it in othe purposes. oops. i guess i am diverting from the topic … i have a habbit of doing that… yea so i like movies and lost of them are my favorites but to name the few… titanic, matrix series, lord of the rings series, harry potter series.. a good year… wallstreet … ahh… and a lot more.. yup you figured it out right… i like fantasy movies alot..

I also like hanging out with friends, going for long drives, trying new software, building websites etc etc.

Now mainly The purpose of this website..

This website is a place for me to Jot down my altu faltu thoughts (for some serious things you can checkout deepakarora.org ), a platform for my friends to know me better, a place for me to keep in touch with my friends… and my connection to the world… well thats sums it all…

Sayonara  ( <— why did i write that 😛 , i have no idea it just comes to my mind)

Dont forget to checkout the other posts, my gallery, and use the contact form to contact me. This is one place where you will always find me and can expect an reply no matter where am I.