A message for someone – Great Poem

Yesterday i was searching the internet where i found this Gem. This poem is very close to the writer’s heart  (U) . and somehow very close to mine  (U)  also. Therefore publishing it to my blog, so that i can read it anytime i want in my life 🙂

I know this stuff’d be boring
And you’d feel irritated
Just a few words, I thought, to share
To make you happier in the days awaited.

I know you have a heart of gold
And a mind so strong
So forgive the dear ones always
If they do any wrong.

In this life of yours, you’d find
Thanks that are not so warm
People and actsmight be very cold at times,
Remember, the rose comes with the thorn.

I know your nature
And I know how versatile you are
Spread your love to all those around
And always show, you care.

Never be harsh in any deed
Be polite in your words.
‘Cause words make and break relationships
So be courteous even when in discord.

And above all, be sincere
In anything you do,
Put your heart in all your acts
And you’d see the fruits, too.

I know how wonderful you are
And how, these words are of no use to you,
Because, you’ve always been practicing them
But one again, I thought of reminding you.

And be very careful while sharing thoughts
Others often misunderstand.
Express your emotions to only the dearest
To others they are not worth a rand.

And keep that smile on your face always
Never in your life frown
And you’d find the world at you feet
And everyone’d be your own.

But I’d miss that familiar smile
Wnd you too, when you’re gone.
What to do, circumstances are compelling,
I am born to live alone.

But wherever you are
Please keep in touvh
Please don’t forget someone to who you mean so much
Do not leave him in the lurch.


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