So I booked an A. C. Service from your app on 20-04-2017, Hoping that it will be serviced next day! Next day (21-04-2017) called the service center regarding the same, but customer care said it will come next day, I said fine. And I enquired about the service charges since the product was not in warranty. Customer service executive told me Rs. 550.

Next day (22-04-2017) your executive came, did the service and told me the bill was for Rs. 750, I said that I have talked to customer service before and was told the service would be for Rs. 550. It was not a question of mere 200 bucks,  it is more of a question of what is told from company and what I am being charged! I again called the customer care and they said for dry service it is Rs. 500 & Wet Service it is Rs. 750. I said that is fine but I should have been told so yesterday when I called, he asked me for proof or a recording for the same (since I am a business man, I do record every call from my phone) but after a 30 minutes budging my head with the customer care. He could not tell the service guy to take Rs. 550.

I mean 30 minutes with customer care for just 200 bucks, not worth it I said to myself. Paid the service guy 750 bucks. And told myself never to buy Hitachi Products again.

It was my first service, Since I bought the product on 21/12/2015. I usually buy Samsung product, tried Hitachi on someone’s recommendation but today’s experience leaves a really bad image of your company.

Anyway giving you the reply since you cared enough to tweet, so thought will let you know.

You sell your products once through advertisement but customer service is what keeps you in business. That’s my thought.

And I paid Rs. 750 for the service but got the sms that my service have been done for free. (Wow, where did Rs. 750 go? In the pocket of service guys? What kind of scam is this?

Registered mobile no. with you 9910223316

Pls download the following if you want to get into this issue

  1. Recording where your customer service agent said the cost is Rs. 550 (will be in last 30 seconds of the recording)

  1. Screenshot of the sms I received where with Rs. 0 collected from me is written even when I paid Rs. 750.

Again time is important, spent another 15 minutes writing this article, its not a matter of Rs. 200, it’s a matter of customer service experience that I received and its negative, way negative from what I expected from brand HITACHI…